On celebrating women

I was recently asked by Geno Prussakov to contribute to an article for International Women’s Day, celebrating women in affiliate marketing. He reached out to a great collection of women in the industry across many markets and was kind enough to include me amongst them. You can read the 2-part article here and here.

Having read both, I was astounded to see so many similarities in our answers – we all champion perseverance, grafting, not taking no for an answer, pursuing what we believe in, sticking to our guns; lots of us emigrated/immigrated and started a new life from scratch; most are self taught, learned on the job as they went along, like me. Not sure really why I was surprised to see we all value the same things, but there you go.

However, what did surprise me was that most quote as their biggest achievement managing to have a career whilst being mothers. I’m not a parent, so won’t sit here and pretend I know what it’s like, but I found it interesting that in this day and age we’re still discussing that it’s down to a woman to find the balance if they want to be successful professionally. Is it still an achievement that you can be good at both? Made me wonder whether I take it for granted. Made me wonder whether we expect too much from women, without any help or support. Made me question whether we still have to be making a choice between family and career. And what the role of men is in this effort by their better halves.

But, most of all, it made me wonder: if the interviewees were men, how many of them would cite family as their biggest achievement? How many men consider being good dads as their high point in life? Are they perhaps better at separating professional from personal life and have separate high points for each? Or, is it a question that us women still have that residual guilt when we dedicate time & effort to something other than our family, which forces us to merge the two?

Not taking anything away from women who have to clone themselves in order to be good at both – I greatly admire them and know that it’s not something I could do myself, which further accentuates my admiration. Just wondering why it’s solely on US to make that happen. It is 2019 afterall. Then again, we’ve only just now started talking about the #metoo problem and trying to figure out how to reach equality in the workplace.



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